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Screen12321.JPG Eratyn Screen123211.JPG


Nick: Eratyn
Poziom: 33
Profesja: Knight
Świat: Thoria
Mlvl: 4,5 mlvl
Ślub z: -
Miasto: Carlin
Fist Fighting: 10
Sword Fighting: 67
Club Fighting: 10
Axe Fighting: 10
Distance Fighting: 10
Shielding: 66
Fishing: 10
Domek: >> BRAK <<
Bright Sword.gif
Crystal Ring.gif
Crusader Helmet.gif
Knight Armor.gif
Plate Legs.gif
Fur Boots.gif
Pirate Backpack.gif
Vampire Shield.gif
Light Shovel.gif

Best Solo: Giant Spider.gif
Giant Spider
Best Team: Giant Spider.gif
Giant Spider

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Against the Spider Cult Quest -
Amazon Camp Quest Ukończone,
Alawar's Vault Quest -
Annihilator Quest -
Appease the Mighty Quest -
Arito's Task Quest -
Banshee Quest -
The Ape City Quest -
Barbarian Axe Quest -
Barbarian Test Quest -
Battle Axe Quest
Behemoth Quest -
Berserker Treasure Quest -
Black Knight Quest -
Blessed Ankh Quest -
Blessed Wooden Stake Quest -
Blood Herb Quest -
Blue Djinn Quest -
Bright Sword Quest -
Circle Room Quest -
Crusader Helmet Quest -
Dark Armor Quest -
Dark Helmet Quest -
Dead Archer Quest
Deeper Fibula Quest -
Demon Quest -
Demona Quest -
Desert Dungeon Quest Ukończone
Devil Helmet Quest -
Double Hero Quest -
Double SD Quest -
Draconia Quest -
Dragon Fetish Quest -
Dreamer's Challenge Quest -
DTD Quest Ukończone
Edron Goblin Quest -
Eleonore's Missing Ring Quest -
Elephant Tusk Quest -
Elvenbane Quest Ukończone
Emperor's Cookies Quest Ukończone
Explorer Brooch Quest -
Explorer Society Quest -
Family Brooch Quest -
Fanfare Quest Ukończone
Fire Axe Quest -
Forbidden Islands Quest -
Gamel Quest -
Geomancer Quest -
Ghoul Room Quest Ukończone
Giant Shimmering Pearl Quest -
Giant Smithhammer Quest -
Goblins' Treasure Quest Ukończone
Green Djinn Quest -
Helmet of the Ancients Quest -
Hydra Egg Quest -
Ice Islands Quest -
Into the Bone Pit Quest -
Iron Hammer Quest Ukończone
Iron Helmet Quest -
Kissing a Pig Quest -
Koshei the Deathless Quest -
Life Ring Quest Robiony pare razy
Longsword Quest Ukończone
Mad Mage Room Quest -
Meriana Island Quest -
Mintwallin Cyclops Quest -
Naginata Quest -
Nargor Island Quest -
Necro Quest -
Nomads Land Quest -
Obsidian Knife Quest -
Old Mintwallin Quest -
Orc Fortress Quest -
Orc Shaman Quest
Ornamented Shield Quest -
Panpipe Quest -
Paradox Tower Quest -
Parchment Room Quest -
Pits of Inferno Quest -
Plate Armor Quest -
Poison Daggers Quest -
Postman Quest -
Power Bolts Quest -
Rest in Hallowed Ground Quest -
Sam's Old Backpack Quest -
Scale Armor Quest Ukończone
Secret Service Quest -
Shadowthorn Quest Tylko góra
Shaman Treasure Quest -
Silver Brooch Quest Ukończone
Six Rubies Quest Ukończone, 6x Small Ruby.gif
Skeleton Decoration Quest -
Spike Sword Quest -
Steal from Thieves Quest -
Stealth Ring Quest -
Steel Helmet Quest Ukończone
Sweaty Cyclops Quest -
Thais Lighthouse Quest Ukończone
The Exterminator Quest Ukończone
The Travelling Trader Quest -
The Ultimate Booze Quest -
Throwing Star Quest -
To Blind the Enemy Quest -
To Outfox a Fox Quest -
Tower Defence Quest Ukończone
Triangle Tower Quest Ukończone
Triple UH Rune Quest -
Troll Cave Quest -
Vampire Shield Quest -
Voodoodoll Quest -
Waterfall Quest -
White Pearl Quest Ukończone