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Green Book.gif  Wojny dżinów II
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The Djinn Wars II

The war took a long time to unfold. Both Malor and Gabel tried to win over as many followers as they could, and the need to take a choice war weighed heavily on many a djinn's conscience. Still, few of them managed to remain neutral in this terrible war, and so a deep rift opened within the djnn race. Families were torn apart as children turned against their parents and brother fought brother. Worst of all, it soon turned out that both sides were roughly equal in strength, so that even though a number of vicious battles ensued it become more and more apparent that victory could not be won easily in this war. In fact, it appeared more and more likely that even if one of the sides could win it, it would so be crippled by the endeavour that the very existence of the djinn race would be threatened. Still the war raged on relentlessly. And the mutual hatred between the two fractions, who began to call themselves by the distinct names of Marid and Efreet, increased with every battle that was fought.

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