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Nazwa exp hp summon convince Loot
Abyssador Abyssador.gif 50000 300000 -- Abyssador's Lash (zawsze), Crystalline Sword, Crystal Crossbow, Shiny Blade, Mycological Bow, Mycological Mace, Decorative Ribbon (bardzo rzadko)
Ancient Spawn Of Morgathla Ancient Spawn Of Morgathla.gif 40000 50000 1-325 Platinum Coin.gif, 1-3 Ancient Stone.gif, 1-6 Blue Crystal Shard.gif, 1-2 Giant Shimmering Pearl.gif, 1-12 Great Mana Potion.gif, 1-24 Great Spirit Potion.gif, 1-6 Green Crystal Shard.gif, 1-2 Green Gem.gif, 1-2 Huge Chunk of Crude Iron.gif, 1-6 Magic Sulphur.gif, 1-4 Mastermind Potion.gif, 1-3 Onyx Chip.gif, 1-2 Red Gem.gif, 1-50 Scarab Coin.gif, Scarab Pincers.gif, 1-20 Small Amethyst.gif, 1-20 Small Diamond.gif, 1-20 Small Emerald.gif, 1-20 Small Ruby.gif, 1-12 Ultimate Health Potion.gif, 1-6 Violet Crystal Shard.gif, 1-2 Violet Gem.gif, 1-2 Yellow Gem.gif, Bonebreaker.gif, Daramian Waraxe.gif, Djinn Blade.gif, Gold Token.gif, Luminous Orb.gif, Magic Light Wand.gif, Maxilla Maximus.gif, Oriental Shoes.gif, Ring of Healing.gif, Scarab Amulet.gif, Silver Token.gif , Springsprout Rod.gif, Terra Legs.gif, Underworld Rod.gif, Warrior's Shield.gif, Candle Stump.gif, Crude Wood Planks.gif, Tinged Pot.gif, Ancient Amulet.gif, Depth Scutum.gif, Ancient Amulet Krailos.gif
Apocalypse Apocalypse.gif 80000 160000 -- -- Prawdopodobnie bardzo rzadkie przedmioty.
Apprentice Sheng Apprentice Sheng.gif 150 95 -- -- Gold Coin.gif, Torch.gif, Dead Snake.gif, Carrot.gif, Rope.gif, Shovel.gif, Magic Light Wand.gif, Knife.gif, Leather Legs.gif, Leather Helmet.gif, Minotaur Leather.gif.
Arachir The Ancient One Arachir The Ancient One.gif 1800 1600 -- -- 0-98 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coin, Black Pearl, Skull, Ring of Healing, Strong Health Potion, Vampire Shield, Bloody Edge (rzadko), Vampire Lord Token (zawsze)
Arachir the Ancient One Arachir The Ancient One.gif 1800 1600 -- -- 0-98 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coin, Black Pearl, Skull, Ring of Healing, Strong Health Potion, Vampire Shield, Bloody Edge (rzadko), Vampire Lord Token (zawsze)
Armenius Armenius.gif 500 550 -- -- ?
Barbaria Barbaria.gif 355 600 -- -- 0-33 gp, Chain Armor, Torch, Fur Bag, Small Grey Book, Hunting Spear,
Battlemaster Zunzu Battlemaster Zunzu.gif 2455 ~4600 -- -- 0-136 gp, 0-10 Small Emerald, Zaogun Flag, Zaoan Legs, Zaoan Shoes (rzadko
Bazir Bazir.gif 30000 100000 -- -- Bardzo rzadkie przedmioty.
Bibby Bloodbath Bibby Bloodbath.gif 1500 1200 -- -- 0-88 Gold Coin, 0-10 Platinum Coin, 0-13 Throwing Star, Dark Armor, Orcish Axe, Two Handed Sword, Magma Amulet, Crusader Helmet, Giant Sword, Butcher's Axe, Orc Trophy
Big Boss Trolliver Big Boss Trolliver.gif 105 150 -- -- 0-57 gp, 0-3 Meat, Spear, Studded Club
Black Vixen Black Vixen.gif 3200 3200 - - 1-10 Platinum Coin,Werefox Tail,Fox Paw,1-74 gp,1-2 Black Pearl,1-10 Assassin Star,1-2 Great Spirit Potion,1-2 Great Mana Potion,Green Gem,1-2 Ultimate Spirit Potion,1-2 Ultimate Mana Potion,Sai,Moonlight Rod,1-3 Enchanted Emerald,Werefox Trophy,Troll Green,Stealth Ring (rzadko),Moonlight Crystals (rzadko),Silver Token (rzadko),Werewolf Amulet (rzadko).
Bloodback Bloodback.gif 4000 5200 - - 1-75 gp,1-7 Platinum Coin,1-3 Small Enchanted Ruby,1-2 Red Crystal Fragment,Red Gem,Great Health Potion,Ultimate Health Potion,Moonlight Crystals,Wereboar Hooves,Wereboar Tusks,Stone Skin Amulet,Werewolf Amulet,Wereboar Loincloth,Furry Club,Dreaded Cleaver,Spiked Squelcher (dosyć rzadko),Fur Armor (dosyć rzadko),Wereboar Trophy (rzadko),Silver Token (rzadko),Fur Boots (bardzo rzadko),Wolf Backpack (bardzo rzadko).
Bloodweb Bloodweb.gif 1450 1750 -- -- 1-4 Platinum Coins,Strong Mana Potion, Spider Silk, Jewelled Backpack, Plate Armor, Steel Helmet, Knight Armor, Glacier Mask, Glacier Kilt, Sapphire Hammer, Sais, Ice Cube (zawsze)
Bones Bones.gif 3750 9500 -- -- 0-600 gp, 0-2 Small Sapphire, 0-3 Surprise Bag (Niebieski), Surprise Bag (Czerwony), Soul Orb, Death Ring, Magic Plate Armor, Life Crystal, Skull Helmet, Demonic Essence
Bretzecutioner Bretzecutioner.gif 3700 5600 -- -- 0-? gp, 0-? Platinum Coin, 0-? Small Sapphire, Meat, Demonic Essence, Metal Spike, Dark Armor, Great Health Potion (rzadko), Giant Sword (rzadko), Steel Boots (rzadko), Dreaded Cleaver (rzadko), Chaos Mace (bardzo rzadko), Crystal Necklace (bardzo rzadko), Skull Helmet (bardzo rzadko), Death Ring (bardzo rzadko), Giant Shimmering Pearl, 0-? Assassin Star, 0-? Small Diamond, Spiked Squelcher,
Brokul Brokul.gif 23000 50000 Broccoli.gif, Plik:The True Book of Death.gif, Blue Gem.gif, Gold Ingot.gif, Small Diamond.gif, Plik:Deepling Ceremonial Dagger.gif, Plik:Deepling Fork.gif
Bruise Payne Bruise Payne.gif 1000 1600 -- -- 0-99 gp, 0-5 Black Pearl, Star Herb (zawsze), 0-5 Small Amethyst (zawsze), Energy Ring (zawsze), 0-2 Bat Wing (rzadko), Black Shield (rzadko), Energy Ring (rzadko), Mutated Bat Ear (zawsze), Mercenary Sword (rzadko), Batwing Hat (bardzo rzadko)
Brutus Bloodbeard Brutus Bloodbeard.gif 795 1200 -- -- 0-79 gp, Dagger, Pirate Backpack, Knight Armor, Plate Armor, Small Diamond, Skull, Brutus Bloodbeard's Hat (zawsze)
Captain Jones Captain Jones.gif 825 800 -- -- 0-150 gp, Focus Cape, Crown Legs, Stealth Ring, Spike Sword
Cave Spider Cave Spider.gif 2000 1800 4-94 Gold Coin.gif, Strong Health Potion.gif, 2-3 Small Diamond.gif, Spider Silk.gif, Black Pearl.gif,1-39 Poison Arrow.gif
Chizzoron The Distorter Chizzoron The Distorter.gif 4000 8000 -- -- 0-109 gp, 0-2 Gold Ingots, Lizard Scale, Small Emerald, Time Ring, Green Gem, Swamplair Armor, Dragon Scale Mail (rzadko), Crystal Boots (bardzo rzadko)
Chopper Chopper.gif 0 7200 -- -- 0-? gp, Platinum Coin, Waspoid Wing, Waspoid Claw, Black Pearl, 0-? Small Topaz, 0-? Great Health Potion, 0-2 Dung Ball
Count Tofifti Count Tofifti.gif 40000 100000 Surprise Bag (Czerwony).gif
Anniversary Cake.gif, Platinum Coin.gif
Countess Sorrow Countess Sorrow.gif 5150 8800 -- -- 0-110 gp, 0-3 Platinum Coin, Soul Orb, Protection Amulet, Worn Leather Boots, Demonic Essence, Plate Legs (rzadko), Blue Robe (rzadko), Silver Mace (bardzo rzadko), Countess Sorrow's Frozen Tear (zawsze)
Crustacea Gigantica Crustacea Gigantica.gif 1800 1600 -- -- 0-? gp, Giant Crab Pincers
Cublarc the Plunderer Cublarc the Plunderer.gif 400 400 -- -- 0-100 gp, Meat, Shaggy Tail, Orc Tooth, Orcish Axe, Bow, Silkweaver Bow (rzadko), Disgusting Trophy (bardzo rzadko)
Darkfang Darkfang.gif 4000 4800 - - 2-119 gp,1-9 Platinum Coin,1-5 Black Pearl,1-2 Small Enchanted Sapphire,Troll Green,Wolf Paw,1-2 Ultimate Health Potion,1-2 Berserk Potion,Moonlight Crystals,1-3 Onyx Chip,Werewolf Fur,Wolf Trophy,Stone Skin Amulet,Dreaded Cleaver,Werewolf Fangs,Bonebreaker,Silver Token,Wolf Backpack (rzadko),Time Ring (rzadko),Platinum Amulet (rzadko),Werewolf Amulet (rzadko),Sai (rzadko).
Deadeye Devious Deadeye Devious.gif 500 1450 -- -- 0-? gp, 0-2 Skull, Meat, Great Health Potion, Knight Armor, Plate Armor, Pirate Backpack, Deadeye Devious' Eye Patch (zawsze)
Deathbine Deathbine.gif 340 525 -- -- 1-3 Platinum Coins, Dark Mushroom, Seeds, Shadow Herb, 1-4 Small Emerald, Terra Amulet, Springsprout Rod, Terra Boots, Sweet Smelling Bait, Mandrake, Carniphila Seeds (zawsze)
Deathstrike Deathstrike.gif 40000 200000 -- -- Deathstrike's Snippet (zawsze), Crystalline Sword, Crystal Crossbow, Shiny Blade, Mycological Bow, Mycological Mace, Decorative Ribbon (rzadko).
Demodras Demodras.gif 6000 4500 -- -- 0-270 gp, 0-4 Green Mushroom, 0-9 Dragon Ham, 0-6 Onyx Arrow, 0-13 Burst Arrow, 0-12 Power Bolt, Great Health Potion, Great Mana Potion, Steel Shield, Steel Helmet, Plate Legs, Small Diamond, Small Sapphire, Fire Sword, Wand of Dragonbreath, Life Crystal, Dragon Hammer, Dragon Shield, Serpent Sword, Wand of Inferno, Mace, Short Sword, Longsword, Broadsword, Double Axe, Crossbow, Golden Mug, Tower Shield, Dragon Scale Mail, Red Dragon Leather, Red Dragon Scale, Royal Helmet, Gemmed Book, Strange Helmet, Energy Ring, Stuffed Dragon, Dragon Claw (zawsze)
Dharalion Dharalion.gif 380 380 -- -- 0-42 gp, 0-3 Arrow, Poison Arrow, Grapes, Melon, Bread, Studded Helmet, Studded Armor, Brass Shield, Leather Boots, Red Apple, Longsword, Waterskin, Sandals, Great Mana Potion, Bow, Scroll, Candle, Blank Rune, Staff, Green Tunic, Candlestick, Bowl, Inkwell, Parchment, Sling Herb, Life Crystal, Elven Amulet, Wand of Cosmic Energy, Yellow Gem, Golden Goblet, Cornucopia, Holy Orchid
Diblis The Fair Diblis The Fair.gif 1800 1500 -- -- 0-265 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coin, Ring of Healing, Skull, Strong Health Potion, Vampire Shield, Spellbook of Lost Souls (rzadko), Vampire Lord Token (zawsze)
Dracola Dracola.gif 7750 14000 -- -- 0-210 gp, 0-2 Platinum Coin, Demonic Essence, Life Crystal, Great Health Potion, Dark Armor, Hardened Bone, Soul Orb, Skull Helmet, Divine Plate, Magic Plate Armor, Reaper's Axe (rzadko), Dracola's Eye (zawsze)
Dreadmaw Dreadmaw.gif 1500 2000 -- -- 44-48 gp, Ham, Piece of Crocodile Leather (zawsze), Gold Ingot, Bunch of Ripe Rice.
Duskbringer Duskbringer.gif 2600 3000 -- -- Midnight Shard, Warrior Helmet
Ekatrix Ekatrix.gif 200 500 1-52 Gold Coin.gif, 1-10 Cookie.gif, Broom.gif, Witch Broom.gif, Cape.gif, Wolf Tooth Chain.gif, Coat.gif, Star Herb.gif, Necrotic Rod.gif
Elvira Hammerthrust Elvira Hammerthrust.gif 165 245 1-100 Platinum Coin.gif, Bag with Stolen Gold.gif
Energized Raging Mage Energized Raging Mage.gif 0 3500 - -
Esmeralda Esmeralda.gif 600 800 -- -- 0-140 gp, 0-4 Platinum Coin, Skull, Stone Herb, Halberd, Tower Shield, Knight Armor, Epee, Terra Mantle (rzadko), Mutated Rat Tail (zawsze), Ring of Healing, (zawsze)
Ethershreck Ethershreck.gif 5600 9500 -- -- 1-197 gp, 1-15 Platinum Coins, 1-10 Small Topaz, Demonic Essence, Ghastly Dragon Head, Undead Heart, Ultimate Health Potion, Great Health Potion, Shiny Stone, Zaoan Halberd, Giant Shimmering Pearl, Zaoan Shoes, Zaoan Legs, Zaoan Armor, Jade Hat, Spellweaver's Robe, Sais, Drakinata, Zaoan Helmet (rzadko), Zaoan Sword (bardzo rzadko), Guardian Boots (bardzo rzadko), Golden Can of Oil (niezwykle rzadko)
Fahim the Wise Fahim the Wise.gif 1500 2000 -- -- 0-62 gp, 0-22 Blueberry, 0-4 Blue Piece of Cloth, 0-3 Strong Mana Potion, 0-2 Royal Spear, Small Oil Lamp, Wooden Flute, Heavy Machete, Mystic Turban, Magma Monocle, Shiny Stone, Noble Turban
Fazzrah Fazzrah.gif 2600 2955 -- -- 0-? gp, 0-? Platinum Coins, 0-3 Great Health Potion, Strong Health Potion, Spiked Iron Ball, Zaogun Shoulderplates, Small Emerald, Lizard Leather (rzadko), Lizard Scale (rzadko), Zaogun Flag (rzadko), Red Lantern (rzadko), Zaoan Shoes (rzadko), Zaoan Armor (bardzo rzadko),
Fernfang Fernfang.gif 400 400 -- -- 0-58 gp, 0-3 Platinum Coin, Bread, Mana Potion, Safety Pin, Rope Belt, Book of Prayers, Scroll, Sling Herb, Star Herb, Grave Flower, Plate, Lamp, Dirty Fur, Sandals, Staff, Blank Rune, Bowl, Leather Armor, Wolf Tooth Chain, Power Ring, Green Tunic, Life Crystal, Ankh, Wooden Whistle
Feroxa Feroxa.gif 0 170000 -- -- Platinum Coin, Small Diamond, Small Ruby, Small Emerald, Red Crystal Fragment, Blue Crystal Splinter, Green Crystal Splinter, Violet Crystal Shard, Blue Crystal Shard, Great Spirit Potion, Great Mana Potion, Great Health Potion, Ultimate Health Potion, Moonlight Crystals, Red Gem, Blue Gem, Stone Skin Amulet, Moonlight Rod, Underworld Rod, Wand of Voodoo, Wereboar Loincloth, Epee, Bonebreaker, Dreaded Cleaver, Relic Sword, Boots of Haste, Fur Armor, Glorious Axe, Angelic Axe, Badger Boots, Werewolf Amulet, Trophy of Feroxa, Wolf Backpack,Werewolf Helmet.
Ferumbras Ferumbras.gif 12000 35000 -- -- 0-270 gp, 0-2 Gold Ingot, 0-49 Small Ruby 0-75 Small Amethyst, 0-92 Small Sapphire, 0-90 Small Diamond, 0-74 Small Topaz, 0-97 White Pearl, 0-2 Giant Shimmering Pearl, Terra Legs, Magma Legs, Shadow Sceptre, Vile Axe, Fire Axe, Double Axe, Boots of Haste, Mind Stone, Mastermind Shield, Crystal Ring, Chaos Mace, Energy Ring, Silver Amulet, Platinum Amulet, Ornamented Axe, Golden Armor, Spellbook of Mind Control, Golden Legs, Teddy Bear, Divine Plate, Jade Hammer, Demonrage Sword, Lightning Legs, Glacier Kilt, Berserker, Ravenwing, Bloody Edge (rzadko), Spellscroll of Prophecies (rzadko), Obsidian Truncheon (rzadko), Queen's Sceptre, Abyss Hammer, Spellbook of Lost Souls (rzadko), Haunted Blade (rzadko), Havoc Blade (rzadko), Thunder Hammer (rzadko), Emerald Sword (rzadko), Magic Plate Armor (rzadko), Great Shield (rzadko), Spellbook of Dark Mysteries (rzadko), Nightmare Blade, Greenwood Coat (rzadko), Skullcrusher (rzadko), Phoenix Shield (rzadko), Hellforged Axe (rzadko), Impaler (rzadko), Tempest Shield (rzadko), Demonwing Axe (rzadko), Velvet Mantle (rzadko), Great Axe (rzadko), Ferumbras' Hat (zawsze)
Flameborn Flameborn.gif 2550 3500 -- -- 1-10 Platinum Coins, 1-3 Small Topaz, Demonic Essence, Red Mushroom, Great Health Potion, Ultimate Health Potion, Assassin Star, Berserk Potion, Black Skull, Knight Legs, Warrior Helmet, Onyx Flail, Crown Shield, Hellspawn Tail (zawsze)
Fleabringer Fleabringer.gif ? 265 -- -- 0-3 Meat, 0-3 Worm, Shaggy Tail
Fleshcrawler Fleshcrawler.gif 1000 1450 -- -- 0-15 Platinum Coins, 0-2 Scarab Coin, 0-4 Small Emerald, 0-4 Small Amethyst , Strong Health Potion, Scarab Amulet, Ancient Amulet, Scarab Shield, Springsprout Rod, Amber Staff, Knight Armor, Terra Mantle (rzadko), Ornamented Brooch (rzadko), Scarab Pincers (zawsze)
Fleshslicer Fleshslicer.gif 5500 5700 ? ? 0-? gp, 0-? Platinum Coins, Spidris Mandible, Compound Eye, 0-? Small Ruby, Great Mana Potion, Ultimate Health Potion, Death Ring, Giant Shimmering Pearl, Titan Axe (rzadko), Violet Gem (rzadko), Carapace Shield (bardzo rzadko), Hive Scythe (bardzo rzadko), Calopteryx Cape (bardzo rzadko)
Fluffy Fluffy.gif 3550 4500 -- -- 0-110 gp, 0-8 Ham, 0-5 Surprise Bag (niebieski), Surprise Bag (czerwony), Demonic Essence, Concentrated Demonic Blood, Knight Axe, Soul Orb, Spike Sword
Foreman Kneebiter Foreman Kneebiter.gif 445 570 -- -- 0-100 gp, Battle Shield, Scale Armor
Freegoiz Freegoiz.gif ? ? -- -- prawdopodobnie bardzo rzadkie przedmioty
Gaz'haragoth Gaz'haragoth.gif 1000000 350000 -- -- 1-3 Dream Matter (zawsze), Solitude Charm (zawsze), Twin Sun Charm (zawsze), Spiritual Charm (zawsze), Unity Charm (zawsze), Phoenix Charm (zawsze), 0-6 Crystal Coins, 0-5 Blue Crystal Shard, 15 Blue Crystal Splinter, Blue Gem, 15 Brown Crystal Splinter, 1-10 Cluster of Solace, Demonic Essence, Demon Horn, 100 Ultimate Health Potion, 100 Great Mana Potion, 100 Great Spirit Potion, 100 Great Health Potion, 5 Green Crystal Splinter, 100 Assassin Star, 100 Infernal Bolt, Life Ring, Red Piece of Cloth, Skull Helmet, 1-3 Unrealized Dream, 5 Violet Crystal Shard, Yellow Piece of Cloth, Crude Umbral Axe, Crude Umbral Chopper, Crude Umbral Blade, Crude Umbral Slayer, Crude Umbral Bow, Crude Umbral Crossbow, Crude Umbral Mace, Crude Umbral Hammer, Crude Umbral Spellbook, Umbral Axe (średni udział), Umbral Chopper (średni udział), Umbral Blade (średni udział), Umbral Slayer (średni udział), Umbral Bow (średni udział), Umbral Crossbow (średni udział), Umbral Mace (średni udział), Umbral Hammer (średni udział), Umbral Spellbook (średni udział), Psychedelic Tapestry (średni udział), Demonic Tapestry (średni udział), Eye Pod (średni udział). Umbral Master Axe (za wysoki udział), Umbral Master Chopper (za wysoki udział), Umbral Masterblade (za wysoki udział), Umbral Master Slayer (za wysoki udział), Umbral Master Bow (za wysoki udział), Umbral Master Crossbow (za wysoki udział), Umbral Master Mace (za wysoki udział), Dream Warden Claw (za wysoki udział), Umbral Master Hammer (za wysoki udział), Umbral Master Spellbook (za wysoki udział), Nightmare Beacon (za wysoki udział), Nightmare Horn (za wysoki udział)
General Murius General Murius.gif 300 550 -- -- Gold Coin.gif, Platinum Coin.gif, Meat.gif, Bolt.gif, Piercing Bolt.gif, Brass Armor.gif, Steel Shield.gif, Axe.gif, Brass Helmet.gif, Carrot.gif, Dead Snake.gif, Chain Helmet.gif, Combat Knife.gif, Shovel.gif, Fishing Rod.gif, Minotaur Leather.gif, Hatchet.gif, Chain Legs.gif, Wand of Cosmic Energy.gif, Bronze Amulet.gif, Soldier Helmet.gif, Battle Shield.gif, Scale Armor.gif, Crossbow.gif, Double Axe.gif, Leather Legs.gif, Plate Shield.gif, Torch.gif, Dwarven Helmet.gif.
Ghazbaran Ghazbaran.gif 15000 60000 -- -- 0-200 gp, 0-73 Platinum Coin, 0-2 Crystal Coin, 0-55 Onyx Arrow, 0-47 Assassin Star, 0-15 White Pearl, 0-15 Black Pearl, 0-6 Small Emerald, 0-17 Small Amethyst, 0-4 Small Sapphire, 0-4 Talon, 0-5 Demonic Essence, 0-5 Small Diamond,Gold Ingot, Green Gem, Blue Gem, Life Crystal, Demon Horn, Big Bone, Mind Stone, Great Health Potion, Silver Amulet, Gold Ring, Crystal Ring, Protection Amulet, Energy Ring, Might Ring, Orb, Death Ring, Strange Symbol, Magic Light Wand, Strong Health Potion, Berserk Potion, Ultimate Health Potion, Great Mana Potion, Double Axe, Skull Staff, Glacier Kilt, Demon Shield, Mastermind Shield, Magic Plate Armor, Morgaroth's Heart, Thunder Hammer, Demonbone, Golden Boots, Twin Axe, Spellbook of Lost Souls, Spellscroll of Prophecies, Crystalline Armor, Blue Tome, Havoc Blade, Spellbook of Warding, Oceanborn Leviathan Armor, Spellbook of Dark Mysteries, Ruthless Axe, Ravenwing, Mythril Axe, Frozen Plate, Bonebreaker, Robe of the Ice Queen.
Gnomevil Gnomevil.gif 45000 250000 -- -- Mycological Mace, Crystal Crossbow, Crystalline Sword, Crystalline Axe, Shiny Blade, Mycological Bow, Decorative Ribbon (rzadko), Gnomevil's Hat (zawsze)
Gorgo Gorgo.gif 4050 4500 -- -- 0-17 Platinum Coins, 0-3 Small Emeralds, 0-2 Great Mana Potions, 0-2 Ultimate Health Potions, Medusa Shield, Sacred Tree Amulet, Terra Amulet, Terra Legs, Terra Mantle, Titan Axe, Strand of Medusa Hair (zawsze)
Grand Mother Foulscale Grand Mother Foulscale.gif 1400 1850 -- -- 2-86 gp, Small Diamond, Dragon Ham,3-10 Burst Arrow, Strong Health Potion, Short Sword, Steel Shield, Steel Helmet, Plate Legs, Mace, Longsword, Double Axe, Broadsword, Wand of Inferno, Serpent Sword, Dragonbone Staff, Green Dragon Scale (zawsze), Green Dragon Leather (zawsze), Crossbow, Dragon Shield, Dragon Hammer.
Grandfather Tridian Grandfather Tridian.gif 1400 1800 -- -- 0-80 gp, Piggy Bank, Strong Mana Potion, Brown Mushroom, Wand of Inferno, Skull Staff, Voodoo Doll, Music Sheet (pierwszy wers), Music Sheet (drugi wers), Music Sheet (trzeci wers), Music Sheet (czwarty wers), Wand of Voodoo (rzadko)
Gravelord Oshuran Gravelord Oshuran.gif 2400 3100 -- -- 0-97 gp, Strong Mana Potion, White Pearl, Black Pearl, Ring of Healing, Blue Robe, Lightning Boots, Spellscroll of Prophecies, Spellbook
Grimgor Guteater Grimgor Guteater.gif 670 1155 -- -- Brak, ponieważ po śmierci zmienia się w kupkę popiołu.
Grorlam Grorlam.gif 2400 3000 -- -- 0-14 gp, 0-20 Small Stone, Pick, Torch, Carlin Sword, Crystal Ring, Red Gem, Power Ring, Steel Shield, Scale Armor, Iron Ore, 0-2 Small Amethyst (rzadko), Steel Boots (bardzo rzadko), Shiny Stone
Hairman The Huge Hairman The Huge.gif 355 600 -- -- 0-60 gp, 0-2 Banana, Protection Amulet, Power Ring, Club Ring, Plate Armor, Ape Fur
Handmaiden The Handmaiden.gif 5950 20500 -- 0-111 gp, 0-1 Platinum Coin, Soul Orb, Demonic Essence, Big Bone, Piece of Iron, Power Ring, Stealth Ring, Blue Robe (rzadko), Steel Boots (rzadko), Handmaiden's Protector (zawsze)
Hemming Hemming.gif 2850 3000 -- -- 0-96 Gold Coin, 0-10 Platinium Coin, 0-5 Brown Mushroom, 0-5 Black Perl, Ultimate Health Potion, Berserk Potion, Stoneskin Amulet, Cat's Paw, Sai, Dreaded Cleaver, Bonebreaker (rzadko), Timering (rzadko), Wolf Paw (zawsze), Werewolf Fur (zawsze)
Hide Hide.gif 240 500 -- -- 0-7 Platinum Coin, Steel Helmet, Terra Hood, Time Ring, Knight Legs, 0-2 Spider Silk.
High Templar Cobrass High Templar Cobrass.gif 515 410 -- -- 0-100 gp, Salamander Shield, Plate Armor, Steel Helmet, Vase (rzadko), Lizard Scale (zawsze), Lizard Leather (zawsze)
Hive Overseer Hive Overseer.gif 5500 7500 -- -- 0-200 gp, 0-7 Platinum Coin, Kollos Shell, Great Mana Potion, Compound Eye, Ultimate Health Potion, Small Ruby, Giant Shimmering Pearl (rzadko), Gold Ingot (rzadko), 0-2 Gooey Mass (rzadko), Calopteryx Cape (rzadko), Hive Scythe (rzadko), Hive Bow (bardzo rzadko), Carapace Shield (bardzo rzadko), Steel Boots (bardzo rzadko)
Infernatil Infernatil.gif 85000 120000 -- -- Fire Axe, 70-100gp, Blue Gem, Platinum Amulet.
Jaul Jaul.gif 30000 90000 -- -- Depth Galea, Deepling Axe, Ornate Shield, Ornate Mace, Ornate Legs (rzadko), Depth Calcei (rzadko), Depth Lorica (bardzo rzadko), Ornate Chestplate (bardzo rzadko)
Kerberos Kerberos.gif 6800 7500 -- -- 1-16 platinum coins, 1-5 Black Pearl, 0-2 Concentrated Demonic Blood, 1-3 Gold Ingot, 1-3 Great Mana Potion, 1-3 Demonic Essence, Explorer Brooch, Knight Axe, Golden Armor, Green Gem, Fire Sword, Ruthless Axe, magma amulet, Hellhound Slobber (zawsze)
Lagatos Lagatos.gif 0 35189 -- -- Brak.
Lethal Lissy Lethal Lissy.gif 500 1450 -- -- 0-100 gp, Skull, Knight Armor, Plate Armor, Protection Amulet, Small Diamond, Double Axe, Lethal Lissy's Shirt (zawsze)
Lionet Lionet.gif 35000 100000 brak
Mad Mage Mad Mage.gif 2650 2500 - - 0-340 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coin, 0-5 Strong Health Potion, 0-5 Strong Mana Potion, 0-4 Assassin Star, Stealth Ring, 0-3 Dark Mushroom, Spellbook of Warding, (rzadko), Crystal of Focus, (rzadko), Ring of the Sky, (bardzo rzadko), Mage's Cap, (bardzo rzadko), Elemental Spikes, (bardzo rzadko).
Mamma Longlegs Mamma Longlegs.gif 2200 1800 0-96 gp, 0-10 Platinum Coin, 0-4 Great Health Potion, 0-2 Spider Silk, Steel Helmet, Knight Legs, Knight Armor, Platinum Amulet, Stealth Ring, Energy Ring, Time Ring, Spool of Yarn (rzadko), Bloody Edge (rzadko), Dreaded_Cleaver (rzadko)
Man in the Cave Man in the Cave.gif 770 485 -- -- 0-27 gp, 0-3 Rope, Brown Bread, Brown Piece of Cloth, Mercenary Sword, Amulet of Loss, Fur Cap, Shard, Mammoth Fur Cape
Massacre Massacre.gif 21000 30000 -- -- 0-207 gp, 1-6 Platinum Coin, Piece of Massacre's Shell (zawsze), 0-9 Meat, 0-6 Orichalcum Pearl, Demonic Essence, Soul Orb, Old Twig, Great Health Potion (rzadko), Great Mana Potion (rzadko), Big Bone (rzadko), Golden Armor (rzadko), Jewel Case (bardzo rzadko), Berserker (bardzo rzadko), Heavy Mace (bardzo rzadko), Great Shield (bardzo rzadko).
Maw Maw.gif 6400 8200 -- -- 0-125 gp, 0-6 Platinum Coins, Compound Eye, Kollos Shell, 0-4 Small Ruby, 1-2 Dung Ball, 0-3 Black Pearl, Ultimate Health Potion, 0-2 Great Mana Potion, 0-2 Gooey Mass, Gold Ingot (bardzo rzadko), Red Gem (bardzo rzadko), Giant Shimmering Pearl (bardzo rzadko), Hive Bow (bardzo rzadko)
Mawhawk Mawhawk.gif 9650 12600 -- -- 0-101 gp, 25 Platinum Coins, 5 Blue Crystal Splinters, 5 Brown Crystal Splinters, Fish Fin, Frazzle Tongue, 5 Green Crystal Splinters, 1-2 Clusters of Solace, 1-2 Unrealized Dream, 3 Violet Crystal Shards, Fire Sword, Red Piece of Cloth, Haunted Blade, Nightmare Blade, Assassin Dagger, and Wand of Defiance (rzadko).
Merikh the Slaughterer Merikh the Slaughterer.gif 1500 2000 -- -- 0-87 gp, 0-4 Green Piece of Cloth, 0-8 Pear, 0-2 Small Emerald, 0-2 Seeds, 0-3 Royal Spear, 0-3 Strong Mana Potion, Heavy Machete, Mystic Turban, Magma Monocle, Noble Turban, Shiny Stone
Midnight Panther Midnight Panther.gif 900 1200 -- -- 0-57 gp, Meat, Sabretooth, Panther Paw, Panther Head, Life Ring.
Mindmasher Mindmasher.gif 4000 5500 -- -- 92-254 gp, Dung Ball, Compound Eye, Health Potion, Small Emerald, Twin Hooks
Minion of Versperoth Minion of Versperoth.gif ? ? -- -- Żaden.
Minishabaal Minishabaal.gif 4000 6000 -- -- 0-150 gp, 0-5 Surprise Bag, Pitchfork, Fire Axe, Soul Orb, Demonic Essence, Small Amethyst, Crown Legs, Demon Shield, Guardian Shield, Demonbone Necklace (rzadko), Golden Legs (rzadko), Death Ring (rzadko), Tempest Shield (bardzo rzadko), Demon Helmet (bardzo rzadko)
Morgaroth Morgaroth.gif 15000 55000 -- -- 0-295 gp, 0-76 Platinum Coin, 0-14 Small Emerald, 0-14 Small Diamond, 0-12 White Pearl, 0-13 Black Pearl, 0-6 Demonic Essence, 0-78 Infernal Bolt, 0-2 Demon Horn, Magma Coat, Red Tome, Great Spirit Potion, Golden Ring, Crystal Ring, Stealth Ring, Death Ring, Ring of Healing, Ancient Amulet, Stone Skin Amulet, Teddy Bear, Golden Mug, Crystal Ball, Ice Rapier, Two Handed Sword, Giant Sword, Silver Dagger, Golden Legs, Double Axe, Thunder Hammer, Moonlight Rod, Necrotic Rod, Skull Staff, Devil Helmet, Boots of Haste, Demon Shield, Mastermind Shield, Demonbone, Ring of the Sky, Energy Ring, Might Ring, Platinum Amulet, Silver Amulet, Magic Light Wand, Orb, Purple Tome, Green Gem, Great Health Potion, Fire Axe, Fireborn Giant Armor, Magic Plate Armor, Royal Crossbow, Morgaroth's Heart, Dark Lord's Cape, Molten Plate, Chain Bolter, Great Shield, The Ironworker, The Devileye, The Stomper.
Mornenion Mornenion.gif 115 190 1-88 Platinum Coin.gif, Bag with Stolen Gold.gif
Mr. Punish Mr. Punish.gif 9000 20000 -- -- 0-158 gp, 0-4 Platinum Coin, Demonic Essence, Soul Orb, Bat Decoration, Double Axe, Jewelled Backpack, Gold Ingot, Great Mana Potion, Cat's Paw, Mr. Punish's Handcuffs (zawsze).
Munster Munster.gif 35 58 -- -- 0-23 gp, 0-3 Cookie, 0-4 Worm, 0-3 Cheese, Bag, Club, Jacket, Bone Club, Dice, Fork
Necropharus Necropharus.gif 1050 750 -- -- 0-90 gp, Short Sword, Scale Armor, Skull, Green Mushroom, Moonlight Rod, Snakebite Rod, Clerical Mace, Mystic Turban, Boots of Haste, Skull Staff, Bowl, Grave Flower, Katana, Bone Club, Soul Stone (zawsze)
Obujos Obujos.gif 20000 35000 -- -- Depth Scutum, Deepling Axe, Ornate Legs (rzadko)
Ocyakao Ocyakao.gif 490 700 1-65 Gold Coin.gif, 1-5 Fish.gif, White Pearl.gif, Silver Raid Token.gif, Ice Cube.gif, Mammoth Whopper.gif, Mace.gif, Bone Shield.gif, Northern Pike.gif, Plik:Green Perch, White Piece of Cloth.gif, Plik:Eye of the Storm.gif
Omrafir Omrafir.gif 1000000 350000 -- -- 1-3 Dream Matter (dla każdego oprócz najniższego udziału), 1-10 Cluster of Solace (normalnie), Demonic Essence (normalnie), Demon Horn (normalnie), 1-3 Unrealized Dream (normalnie), 5 Violet Crystal Shard (normalnie), Demonic Tapestry (średni udział), Psychedelic Tapestry (średni udział), Nightmare Hook (średni udział), Eye Pod (średni udział), Dream Warden Mask (za wysoki udział), Nightmare Horn (dla najbardziej zasłużonego w bitwie).
Oodok Witchmaster Oodok Witchmaster.gif 550 450 Gold Coin.gif, Platinum Coin.gif, Black Pearl.gif, Health Potion.gif, Mana Potion.gif, Green Piece of Cloth.gif, Terra Rod.gif, Poison Dagger.gif, Strange Symbol.gif, Tribal Mask.gif
Orshabaal Orshabaal.gif 10000 20500 -- -- 0-250 gp, 0-72 Platinum Coin, 0-13 Black Pearl, 0-15 White Pearl, 0-19 Small Amethyst, 0-9 Small Emerald, 0-7 Small Sapphire, 0-3 Small Diamond, 0-6 Talon, 0-5 Demonic Essence, 0-2 Demon Horn, 0-80 Onyx Arrow, Great Spirit Potion, Great Health Potion, Great Mana Potion, Magic Light Wand, Dragon Hammer, Silver Amulet, Gold Ingot, Energy Ring, Golden Mug, Devil Helmet, Giant Sword, Silver Dagger, Snakebite Rod, Necrotic Rod, Two Handed Sword, Strange Symbol, Mind Stone, Double Axe, Fire Axe, Boots Of Haste, Demon Shield, Purple Tome, Orb, Ice Rapier, Skull Staff, Platinum Amulet, Might Ring, Death Ring, Stealth Ring, Crystal Ring, Crystal Ball, Crystal Necklace, Protection Amulet, Golden Ring, Golden Sickle, Ring of Healing, Wand of Decay, Ring of the Sky, Blue Gem, Green Gem, Mastermind Shield, Golden Legs, Magic Plate Armor, Teddy Bear, Thunder Hammer, Orshabaal's Brain, Ancient Amulet
Owin Owin.gif 6000 9500 -- -- 4-98 gp,1-7 Platinum Coin,1-2 Brown Mushroom,1-5 Strong Health Potion,1-2 Ultimate Health Potion,Wereboar Hooves,Moonlight Crystals,Wereboar Tusks,Furry Club,Wereboar Loincloth,Stone Skin Amulet,Fur Armor (dosyć rzadko),Berserk Potion (dosyć rzadko),Werewolf Amulet (dosyć rzadko),Wereboar Trophy (rzadko).
Paiz the Pauperizer Paiz the Pauperizer.gif 6300 8500 -- -- 0-99 gp, 1-10 Platinum Coin, Lizard Scale, Draken Wristbands, Draken Sulphur, Broken Slicer, Broken Draken Mail, Meat, Magic Sulphur, 1-3 Great Health Potion, Yellow Gem, 1-3 Great Mana Potion, 1-3 Great Spirit Potion, Sais, Red Gem, Green Gem, Zaoan Sword, Zaoan Armor, Dragon Scale Mail (rzadko), Swamplair Armor (rzadko), Twiceslicer (rzadko), 3-8 Small Emerald (rzadko), Blue Gem (rzadko), Elite Draken Mail (rzadko), Harness (bardzko rzadko)
Prince Drazzak Prince Drazzak.gif 0 330000 -- -- gp,Platinum Coin,Violet Crystal Shard,Green Crystal Shard,Blue Crystal Shard,Green Crystal Fragment,Red Crystal Fragment,Cyan Crystal Fragment,Giant Shimmering Pearl,Demonic Essence,Great Mana Potion,Ultimate Health Potion,Great Spirit Potion,Ring of Healing,Green Gem,Demon Horn,Noble Axe,Lightning Boots,Lightning Robe,Onyx Flail,Nightmare Blade,Skull Helmet,Steel Boots,Runed Sword,Crystalline Armor,Demonic Tapestry,Psychedelic Tapestry,Cluster of Solace,Nightmare Hook,Eye Pod,Unrealized Dream,Dream Warden Mask.
Raging Mage Raging Mage.gif 3250 3500 - - 0-169 gp, 0-7 Platinum Coins, Red Piece of Cloth, 0-5 Great Health Potions, 0-5 Great Mana Potions, Bullseye Potion, 0-7 Assassin Stars, Focus Cape, Luminous Orb, Mind Stone, 0-3 Dark Mushrooms, Ring of the Sky, 0-5 Small Sapphires, Spellbook of Mind Control, Stealth Ring, Mage's Cap (bardzo rzadko), Elemental Spikes (bardzo rzadko)
Renegade Orc Renegade Orc.gif 270 450 -- -- 0-26 gp, 0-6 Throwing Knife, Brass Legs, Scimitar, Fish, Longsword, Brown Mushroom, Plate Armor, Orc Tooth, Warrior Helmet(bardzo rzadko)
Ribstride Ribstride.gif 580 515 -- -- 1-7 Platinum Coins, 1-4 Small Diamond, Green Mushroom, 1-3 Hardened Bone, Bone Shield, Plate Armor, Bonebeast Trophy, Skull Helmet, Maxilla Maximus, Bony Tail (zawsze)
Ron the Ripper Ron the Ripper.gif 500 1500 -- -- 0-50 gp, 0-2 Skull, Plate Armor, Knight Armor, Dagger, Double Axe, Ron the Ripper's Sabre (zawsze),
Rotspit Rotspit.gif ? 6800 -- -- 19-177 Gold Coin.gif, 1-5 Platinum Coin.gif, 1-2 Small Amethyst.gif, 1-2 Great Mana Potion.gif, Spitter Nose.gif, 1-3 Brown Mushroom.gif, Crystal Sword.gif, Great Health Potion.gif, Compound Eye.gif, 1-2 Small Emerald.gif, Giant Shimmering Pearl.gif, Time Ring.gif, 1-2 Dung Ball.gif
Rottie The Rotworm Rottie The Rotworm.gif 40 65 -- -- 0-27 gp, 0-5 Worm, 0-2 Ham, 0-2 Meat, Mace, Sword, Legion Helmet, Copper Shield, Katana, Lump of Dirt
Rotworm Queen Rotworm Queen.gif 75 85 -- -- 0-86 gp, 0-47 Worm, Gland
Rukor Zad Rukor Zad.gif 380 380 -- -- 0-70 gp, 0-12 Throwing Star, Steel Shield
Salamander Trainer Salamander Trainer.gif 70 220 1-18 Gold Coin.gif, 1-4 Meat.gif, 1-3 Spear.gif, Rope.gif, Axe.gif, Short Sword.gif, Bone Club.gif
Shadowpelt Shadowpelt.gif 4600 6000 - - 1-100 gp,1-3 Platinum Coin,Ham,1-2 Black Pearl,Giant Shimmering Pearl,1-2 Opal,Great Health Potion,Ultimate Health Potion,Berserk Potion,Honeycomb,Bear Paw,Werebear Fur,Werebear Skull,Furry Club,Dreaded Cleaver,Werebear Trophy,Moonlight Crystals (dosyć rzadko),Ring Of Healing (dosyć rzadko),Stone Skin Amulet (rzadko),Werewolf Amulet (rzadko),Spiked Squelcher (rzadko),Relic Sword (rzadko),Fur Armor (rzadko),Silver Token (rzadko),Small Enchanted Sapphire (bardzo rzadko),Wolf Backpack (bardzo rzadko).
Shadowstalker Shadowstalker.gif 4000 4000 -- -- 72-204 gp, 1-5 Platinum Coins, Crawler Head Plating, Compound Eye, Small Topaz, Great Mana Potion, Great Health Potion, War Hammer (rzadko), Springsprout Rod (rzadko), Yellow Gem (bardzo rzadko), Grasshopper Legs (bardzo rzadko), Dung Ball.
Shardhead Shardhead.gif 650 800 -- -- 0-195 gp, 0-2 Ice Cube,0-2 Small Diamond,0-3 Small Sapphire, Frosty Heart, Strong Mana Potion, Strong Health Potion, Shard, Glacier Mask (bardzo rzadko).
Sharpclaw Sharpclaw.gif 3000 3300 - - 1-7 Platinum Coin,Werebadger Claws,Werebadger Skull,1-3 Onyx Chip,1-75 gp,Great Mana Potion,Beetroot,Badger Boots,Ring Of Healing,1-3 Enchanted Amethyst,Ultimate Mana Potion,Wand Of Voodoo,Werewolf Amulet,Underworld Rod,Brown Mushroom (rzadko),Troll Green (rzadko),Werebadger Trophy (rzadko),Silver Token (rzadko),Moonlight Crystals (rzadko),Wolf Backpack (bardzo rzadko),Platinum Amulet (bardzo rzadko).
Sir Valorcrest Sir Valorcrest.gif 1800 1600 -- -- 0-93 gp, Sword Ring, Strong Mana Potion, Strong Health Potion, Ring of Healing, Vampire Shield (rzadko), Chaos Mace (rzadko), Vampire Lord Token (zawsze)
Smuggler Baron Silvertoe Smuggler Baron Silvertoe.gif 170 280 -- -- 0-26 gp, 0-2 Meat, Short Sword, Mace.
Soul Of Dragonking Zyrtarch Soul Of Dragonking Zyrtarch.gif 0 0 -- -- gp, Platinum Coin, Small Ruby, Small Topaz, Small Amethyst, Small Emerald, Small Diamond, Blue Crystal Shard, Green Crystal Shard, Violet Crystal Shard, Great Mana Potion, Great Spirit Potion, Ultimate Health Potion, Red Dragon Leather, Red Dragon Scale,Rusty Armor, Broken Key Ring, Crystal of Power, Piece of Draconian Steel, Piece of Royal Steel, Giant Shimmering Pearl, Gold Ingot, Magic Sulphur, Blue Gem, Yellow Gem, Green Gem, Red Gem, Golden Talon, Dragon Crown, Modified Crossbow, Part of a Rune, Drachaku, Drakinata, Dragonbone Staff, Spellbook of Mind Control, Shield of Corruption, Great Shield, Dragon Scale Helmet,Snake God's Sceptre,Silver Token,Gold Token.
Spectulus (Creature) Spectulus (Creature).gif 0 0 brak ponieważ nie da się go zabić.
Stonecracker Stonecracker.gif 3500 8000 -- -- 0-78 gp, 0-4 Small Amethyst, Meat, Big Bone, Crowbar, Double Axe, Two Handed Sword, 0-100 Assassin Star, War Axe, 0-3 Small Amethyst, Strange Symbol, Dark Armor, Steel Boots, Giant Sword, Shiny Stone, Perfect Behemoth Fang, Behemoth Claw, Great Health Potion, Behemoth Trophy
Sulphur Scuttler Sulphur Scuttler.gif 900 1300 -- -- 1-3 Platinum Coins, Lump of Earth, 0-3 Small Emerald, Sulphurous Stone, Strong Mana Potion, Stealth Ring, Magic Sulphur, Brimstone Fangs (zawsze), Brimstone Shell (zawsze)
Tanjis Tanjis.gif 20000 30000 -- -- Ornate Mace, Depth Ocrea, Ornate Shield
Teleskor Teleskor.gif 70 80 -- -- 0-80 gp, Hatchet, Mace, Pelvis Bone, Torch, Viking Helmet, Brass Shield
The Abomination The Abomination.gif 25000 38050 -- -- Gold Coin.gif, Small Ruby.gif, Small Emerald.gif, Black Pearl.gif, Demonic Essence.gif, Death Ring.gif, Soul Orb.gif, Rusty Armor.gif
The Armored Voidborn The Armored Voidborn.gif 0 0 brak
The Big Bad One The Big Bad One.gif 170 300 -- -- 0-4 Meat, 0-2 Ham, 0-2 Wolf Paw, Wolf Trophy
The Blightfather The Blightfather.gif 600 400 -- -- 0-91 gp, Poisonous Slime, Lancer Beetle Shell, Lump of Dirt, Beetle Necklace?, 0-? Small Amethyst?
The Bloodtusk The Bloodtusk.gif 300 600 -- -- 0-100 gp, 0-4 Platinum Coin, 0-2 Mammoth Tusk, 0-2 Tusk, Mammoth Fur Cape, Tusk Shield, Furry Club, Red Piece of Cloth.
The Count Of The Core The Count Of The Core.gif 40000 50000 Platinum Coin.gif, Crystal Coin.gif, Giant Shimmering Pearl.gif, Small Ruby.gif, Small Amethyst.gif, Small Emerald.gif, Small Diamond.gif, Small Topaz.gif, Green Crystal Shard.gif, Blue Gem.gif, Yellow Gem.gif, Red Gem.gif, Violet Gem.gif, Great Mana Potion.gif, Great Spirit Potion.gif, Ultimate Health Potion.gif, Mastermind Potion.gif, Stone Skin Amulet.gif, Huge Chunk of Crude Iron.gif, Magic Sulphur.gif, Luminous Orb.gif, Plik:Snail Shell.gif, Chitinous Mouth Count.gif, Harpoon Of A Giant Snail.gif, Rusty Shield.gif, Rusty Helmet.gif, Wand of Inferno.gif, Fire Sword.gif, Amber Staff.gif, Giant Sword.gif, Magma Coat.gif, Candle Stump.gif, Tinged Pot.gif, Plik:Mallet Handle.gif, Gnome Sword.gif, Gnome Shield.gif, Gnome Helmet.gif, Silver Token.gif, Gold Token.gif
The Evil Eye The Evil Eye.gif 500 1200 -- -- 0-149 gp, Longsword, Morning Star, Steel Shield, Wooden Shield, Spellbook, Two Handed Sword, Bonelord Shield, Terra Rod, Terra Mantle, Bonelord Helmet, Bonelord Eye (zawsze)
The Frog Prince The Frog Prince.gif 1 45 -- -- Brak.
The Horned Fox The Horned Fox.gif 300 265 -- -- Gold Coin.gif, Meat.gif, Dead Snake.gif, Carrot.gif, Bolt.gif, Piercing Bolt.gif, Minotaur Horn.gif, Axe.gif, Torch.gif, Combat Knife.gif, Brass Helmet.gif, Leather Legs.gif, Plate Shield.gif, Sword.gif, Mace.gif, Shovel.gif, Bronze Amulet.gif, Crossbow.gif, Scale Armor.gif, Brass Armor.gif, Chain Armor.gif, Chain Legs.gif, Chain Helmet.gif, Soldier Helmet.gif, Double Axe.gif, Hatchet.gif, Fishing Rod.gif, Minotaur Leather.gif, Battle Shield.gif, Wand of Cosmic Energy.gif, Dwarven Helmet.gif, Nose Ring.gif
The Imperor The Imperor.gif 8000 15000 -- -- 0-250 gp, 0-3 Platinum Coin, Demonic Essence, Soul Orb, Fire Axe, Crown Legs, Pitchfork, Guardian Shield, Magma Coat, Imperor's Trident (zawsze), Tempest Shield (bardzo rzadko)
The Lord Of The Lice The Lord Of The Lice.gif 0 80000 -- -- gp, Platinum Coin, Great Mana Potion, Great Spirit Potion, Ultimate Health Potion, Black Pearl, Small Amethyst, Life Ring, Epee, Terra Mantle
The Many The Many.gif 4000 5300 -- -- 0-4 Small Sapphire, 0-3 Gold Ingot, 0-5 Strong Mana Potion, Stone Skin Amulet, Sacred Tree Amulet, Knight Armor, Medusa Shield, Warrior Helmet, Boots of Haste, Royal Helmet, Egg of The Many (rzadko)
The Mutated Pumpkin The Mutated Pumpkin.gif 35000 550000 -- -- 0-40 Yummy Gummy Worm, Toy Spider, Spiderwebs, Bat Decoration, Skeleton Decoration
The Noxious Spawn The Noxious Spawn.gif 6000 9500 -- -- 0-5 Platinum Coin, 0-4 Great Mana Potion, 0-4 Small Emerald, 0-29 Power Bolt, 0-100 Assassin Star, Green Mushroom, Snake Skin, Winged Tail, Life Ring, Medusa Shield, Noble Axe, Mercenary Sword, Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn', Royal Helmet, Spellbook of Mind Control, Crown Armor.
The Old Whopper The Old Whopper.gif 700 785 -- -- 0-106 gp, Meat, Ham
The Old Widow The Old Widow.gif 2800 3200 -- -- 0-120 gp, 0-10 Platinum Coin, Giant Spider Silk, Steel Helmet, Great Health Potion, Plate Armor, Time Ring, Energy Ring, Stealth Ring, Knight Armor, Knight Legs, Sweet Smelling Bait, Platinum Amulet, Spool of Yarn, Dreaded Cleaver
The Pale Count The Pale Count.gif 18000 20000 -- -- 0-5 Small Emerald, 0-5 Small Sapphire, 0-5 Black Pearl, 0-3 Strong Health Potion, 0-5 Strong Mana Potion, Violet Gem, Stealth Ring, Vampire's Cape Chain, White Piece of Cloth, Blue Piece of Cloth, Red Piece of Cloth, Vampire Shield, Chaos Mace, Dreaded Cleaver, Vampire Lord Token (rzadko), The Vampire Count's Medal (bardzo rzadko), Silver Raid Token (bardzo rzadko), Haunted Mirror Piece (bardzo rzadko), Vampire Silk Slippers (bardzo rzadko), Vampire's Signet Ring (bardzo rzadko)
The Plasmother The Plasmother.gif 8300 8000 -- -- 0-95 gp, 0-12 Platinum Coin, 0-3 Black Pearl, small amethyst, Demonic Essence, Soul Orb, Plasmother's Remains (zawsze)
The Ravager The Ravager.gif 14980 53500 Gold Coin.gif, Platinum Coin.gif, Scarab Coin.gif, Black Pearl.gif, Great Health Potion.gif, Great Mana Potion.gif, Ancient Amulet.gif, Scarab Shield.gif, Silver Brooch.gif, Daramian Waraxe.gif
The Ruthless Herald The Ruthless Herald.gif - - -- -- Brak, ponieważ nie da się go zabić.
The Unarmored Voidborn The Unarmored Voidborn.gif 15000 250000 Gold Coin.gif, Platinum Coin.gif, Energy Bar.gif, Great Mana Potion.gif, Great Spirit Potion.gif, Ultimate Health Potion.gif, Giant Shimmering Pearl.gif, Small Diamond.gif, Small Topaz.gif, Small Amethyst.gif, Small Emerald.gif, Gold Ingot.gif, Red Gem.gif, Blue Gem.gif, Green Gem.gif, Yellow Gem.gif, Orc Tusk.gif, Magic Sulphur.gif, Skull Fetish.gif, Piece of Royal Steel.gif, Ring Of Blue Plasma.gif, Ring Of Red Plasma.gif, Ring Of Green Plasma.gif, Collar Of Blue Plasma.gif, Collar Of Red Plasma.gif, Terra Legs.gif, Shadow Sceptre.gif, Abyss Hammer.gif, Swamplair Armor.gif, Skull Helmet.gif, Gold Token.gif, Silver Token.gif, Mysterious Remains.gif
The Voice of Ruin The Voice of Ruin.gif 3500 5500 -- -- 0-95 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coin, Spiked Iron Ball, Cursed Shoulder Spikes, Corrupted Flag, Gold Ingot, Zaoan Shoes, Zaoan Helmet
The Welter The Welter.gif 20000 25500 -- -- 0 -150+ gp, 0-20+ Platinum Coins, 0-5+ Small Sapphire, 0-3+ Strong Health Potion, 0-3 Strong Mana Potion, Medusa Shield, Giant Shimmering Pear, Stone Skin Amulet, Silver Raid Token, Royal Helmet, Warrior Helmet, Hydra Egg, Gold Ingot, Knight Armor, Ice Rapier, Sacred Tree Amulet, Spellbook of Mind Control, Boots of Haste, Triple Bolt Crossbow (za wysoki udział rzadko), Shrunken Head Necklace (za wysoki udział rzadko).
Thul Thul.gif 2700 3000 -- -- 0-? gp, 0-? Shrimp, Small Amethyst, White Pearl, Black Pearl, Crusader helmet, Marlin, Double Axe, Halberd, Skull Helmet, Wand of Cosmic Energy, Relic Sword (rzadko), Fish Fin (zawsze)
Tiquandas Revenge Tiquandas Revenge.gif 1755 2000 -- -- 0-107 gp, 0-47 Meat, 0-4 Ham, 0-3 Small Diamond, 0-3 Seeds, Carrot on a Stick, Mandrake (zawsze)
Tormentor Tormentor.gif 3200 4100 -- -- 0-? gp, 0-? Platinum Coin, 0-2 Concentrated Demonic Blood, Demonic Essence, Essence of a Bad Dream, Scythe Leg, Ancient Shield (rzadko) Knight Legs (rzadko), Skeleton Decoration (rzadko), War Axe (rzadko), Death Ring (bardzo rzadko), ?
Tremor Worm Tremor Worm.gif 80000 125000 1-100 Gold Coin.gif, 1-25 Platinum Coin.gif, 1-2 Violet Crystal Shard.gif, 1-5 Small Diamond.gif, 1-15 Great Health Potion.gif, 1-15 Great Mana Potion.gif, 1-10 Ultimate Health Potion.gif, 1-3 Plik:Glooth Bag.gif, Red Crystal Fragment.gif, Cyan Crystal Fragment.gif, Green Crystal Fragment.gif, Green Crystal Shard.gif, Great Spirit Potion.gif, Ring of Healing.gif, Underworld Rod.gif, Time Ring.gif, Yellow Gem.gif, Small Ruby.gif, Plik:Glooth Glider Crank.gif.
Troll Marauder Troll Marauder.gif 40 70 Gold Coin.gif, Meat.gif, Spear.gif, Wooden Shield.gif, Studded Club.gif, Studded Armor.gif, Leather Boots.gif, Plik:Simple Arrow.gif, Silver Amulet.gif
Tromphonyte Tromphonyte.gif 1300 2975 -- -- 0-250 gp, 0-8 Platinum Coin, 0-5 Small Topaz, 0-2 Strong Health Potion, 0-2 Strong Mana Potion, Stampor Talons, Stampor Horn, Hollow Stampor Hoof, War Hammer, Spiked Squelcher, Knight Armor
Tyrn Tyrn.gif 6900 12000 -- -- 0-50 gp, Platinum Coin, Dragon Ham, Small Amethyst, Small Ruby, Small Sapphire, Small Emerald, Small Topaz, Small Diamond, Yellow Gem, Red Gem, Blue Gem, Sudden Death, Guardian Shield, Wyrm Scale, Strong Mana Potion, Strong Health Potion, Assassin Star, Dragonbone Staff, Red Piece of Cloth, Lightning Pendant, Lightning Headband, Lightning Robe, Shockwave Amulet, Silver Raid Token, Sun Mirror (bardzo rzadko)
Verminor Verminor.gif 30000 110000 -- -- Brak.
Versperoth Versperoth.gif 20000 100000 -- -- Żaden. Po zabiciu zmienia się w teleport do Abyssadora.
Warlord Ruzad Warlord Ruzad.gif 1700 2500 -- -- 0-75gp, 0-15 Throwing Star, Scimitar, Brass Legs, Orcish Axe, Orc Tooth, Magma Boots,
Xenia Xenia.gif 250 255 -- -- 0-42 Gold Coin.gif, Sabre.gif, Skull.gif, Small Ruby.gif
Yaga the Crone Yaga the Crone.gif 345 600 -- -- 1-8 Cookie.gif, Necrotic Rod.gif, Broom.gif, Coat.gif, Cape.gif, Star Herb.gif, Wolf Tooth Chain.gif, Spellbook of Mind Control.gif
Yakchal Yakchal.gif 4400 5000 -- -- 0-88 gp, Blue Piece of Cloth, Crystal Sword, Life Ring, Mastermind Potion, Berserk Potion, Bullseye Potion, Earmuffs, Dragon Necklace, Glacier Kilt, Boots of Haste (rzadko), Glacier Robe (rzadko), Queen's Sceptre (rzadko), Skull Staff (rzadko), Gold Ingot (rzadko), Crystal Mace (rzadko), Shard (zawsze)
Yeti Yeti.gif 460 950 -- -- 0-100 gp, 0-19 Snowball, 0-5 Ham, 0-4 Meat, Bunny Slippers (bardzo rzadko)
Zanakeph Zanakeph.gif 9900 11500 -- -- 0-81 gp, 0-10 Platinum Coins, 0-3 Small Sapphire, 0-4 Small Emerald, 0-1 Great Health Potions, 0-2 Great Mana Potions, 0-5 Hardened Bones, 0-3 Unholy Bones, 0-1 Demonic Essences, 0-1 Gold Ingots, Golden Mug, Death Ring, Dragonbone Staff, Crown Helmet, Knight Armor, Golden Armor, Royal Helmet, Divine Plate, Jade Hat, Maxilla Maximus
Zarabustor Zarabustor.gif 8000 5100 -- -- 0-150 gp, 0-3 Small Sapphire, Assassin Star, Poison Dagger, Blue Robe, Might Ring, Skull Staff, Golden Armor, Spellbook of Mind Control, Lightning Robe, Lightning Legs, Ring of the Sky
Zavarash Zavarash.gif 21000 35000 -- -- 4-197 gp,1-50 Platinum Coin,Demonic Essence,Giant Shimmering Pearl,Green Gem,1-8 Green Crystal Shard,1-7 Blue Crystal Shard,1-8 Violet Crystal Shard,Gold Ingot,Blue Gem,1-10 Great Mana Potion,1-10 Great Spirit Potion,1-10 Ultimate Health Potion,Demon Horn,Cluster of Solace,Bonebreaker,Guardian Halberd,Crown Shield,Dream Warden Mask,Guardian Shield,Diamond Sceptre,Unrealized Dream,Paladin Armor (dosyć rzadko),Onyx Flail (dosyć rzadko),Heavy Mace (dosyć rzadko),Demon Shield (rzadko),Mastermind Shield (rzadko),Lavos Armor (rzadko),Demonbone (bardzo rzadko),Skullcracker Armor (bardzo rzadko).
Zevelon Duskbringer Zevelon Duskbringer.gif 1800 1600 -- -- 0-75 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coin, Black Pearl, Strong Health Potion, Ring of Healing, Vampire Shield, Dreaded Cleaver, Vampire Lord Token (zawsze)
Zomba Zomba.gif 300 300 -- -- 5-29 gp,Platinum Coin,1-2 Lion's Mane,Ham,Meat,Life Ring,Protection Amulet,Guardian Shield,Silver Raid Token.
Zoralurk Zoralurk.gif ? ? -- --
Zulazza the Corruptor Zulazza the Corruptor.gif 9800 28000 -- -- 0-89 gp, 0-21 Platinum Coin, 0-3 Gold Ingot, 0-2 Giant Shimmering Pearl, 0-58 Viper Star, Emerald Bangle, Rusty Armor, Great Health Potion, Great Mana Potion, Great Spirit Potion, Ultimate Health Potion, Mastermind Potion, Blue Gem, Green Gem, Red Gem, Violet Gem, Yellow Gem, Guardian Shield, Tower Shield, Paladin Armor, Mastermind Shield (rzadko), Earthborn Titan Armor (bardzo rzadko), Dragon Scale Boots (bardzo rzadko)